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"Flying School Valinis 2000"

Paragliding in Valinis

The Agriturismo Ai Pradons is located only few hundred meters from the flying school Valinis 2000, meeting point for paragliding and free-flying followers throughout Europe.

For those with an appetite for physical activity there is plenty more to do: from free climbing to kayaking, tennis and even football.

"The river Meduna"

River Meduna

In summertime you can enjoy a swim in the tranquil river Meduna, tucked-away in the surrounding woodland, only a few kilometers from the Agriturismo. It can be best accessed from the villages of Paludana and Navarons.


Castle of Toppo

At the mouth of Val Tramontina, you encounter the village of Meduno where the craft of stonemasonry has a tradition of centuries. A striking example is the church of Santa Maria Maggiore built in 18th century. Other attractions of the area are Palazzo Colossis, a rich mansion dating back to the 15th century now home to public offices and cultural activities, Casa Andreuzzi, in the nearby village of Navarons, that hosts a permanent exhibition of the Italian Risorgimento and the Villa of Carnera, Italian boxer world heavy-weight champion in 1933 nicknamed the Ambling Alp.

"Lakes and caves"

Fiume Meduna

A nature loverÕs paradise, the region provides splendid landscape scenes for hiking; worth naming the artificial lake Redona that lies along the course of the river Meduna, now a characteristic feature of the valley. With a half hour drive you can reach the green caves of Pradis, explored for the first time in the Ō50s. The largest of the 3, the Cave of the Virgin, listed as National Monument by speleologists in 1968, hosts celebrations of wide interest.


The region is the ideal stopover for hikers of all levels. The nearby village of Tramonti offers many hiking trails that visitors can choose from all year round. Here on your right/left we post a suggestion of how to climb the mountain Monte Valinis. Other itineraries are available at this link link.

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