Ai Pradons

Rooms – Restaurant – Camping – Teaching Farm

At the foot of mount Valinis

Pradons Meduno (PN)
via Tomba, n° 11
+39 339 7974326
Ai Pradons holiday farm

History in a Name

It is an ancient toponym that indicates the large meadows, large areas used for grazing, which were part of the possessions of the Counts Toppo, feudal lords of the Patriarch of Aquileia since the 22nd century. Following the events of the noble family, in the early twentieth century the land was sold to those who had previously been sharecroppers. During the same century, the small landowners have integrated agricultural activity with forestry in the nearby woods of Mount Valinis, another precious resource for daily life.

welcome to our home!

Our house is open to anyone who wants to stay here.



Ai pradons holiday farm

What we offer?

In our farm you can stay throughout the year in a relaxing atmosphere and surrounded by nature. We have 8 rooms with independent bathroom and among the various services there is also free internet connection. The abundant buffet that we offer for your breakfast is also included in the price.


Our proposals vary from season to season so that we can always offer you the highest quality and freshness products.

Shuttle Service

The shuttle service meets different needs of our guests:

  • accompaniment to the take-off site on Mount Valinis
  • shuttle service to a location far from the farm and from which you want to start an excursion on foot or by bicycle
  • shuttle and luggage transport for tourists, walkers and cyclists
  • visit to exhibitions or museums or places notable for their artistic or naturalistic beauty
  • visit to companies producing food and wine specialties
E-Bike Rent

As members of the Cooperativa di Comunità Insieme, owner of the electric bikes that you will find here, we offer their rental.

Our land is particularly suitable for exploration by e-bike precisely because, despite the inevitable ups and downs, it is possible to enjoy the beauty of many villages and towns within a limited number of kilometers.

Free Wi-Fi

In all our site.

Fly Card

From 1 January 2022, those wishing to fly taking off from Monte Valinis have the opportunity to purchase the Fly Card and thus support the work of the Cooperativa di Comunità Insieme, of which our farm is also a proud member.

The products “PRADONS”

The products we use in our restaurant and which are present in our sales corner are the result of a choice of love for the nature in which we are immersed and of attachment to our culture, which represents our roots.

Discover our Restaurant

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