Welcome to Our Home!

How do you transform spaces and tools of hard and tiring work into a beautiful and exciting future project?

Ai pradons holiday farm

We need a dream!

The dream of Lino and his sons Luca, Igor and Iuri, who wanted to transform the farm given to them by their grandparents, Ida and Rino, into something completely new. An activity that gave value to the past and the “know-how” of previous generations, making them the heart of the new farmhouse: from the wisdom of great-grandfather Toni, a butcher of the mid-twentieth century, to grandma Ida’s secret recipes for cooking game, up to to the traditional procedures to prepare the pitina or the “formadi tal cit”.

This is how the products and recipes of our restaurant were born, which with their flavors, know how to tell this story in an unparalleled way!

And the barn scattered between the countryside and the mountains has also become a place of welcome. Then Anna arrived, with her passion for making every little thing and every object part of a whole that communicates the harmony and warmth of home with simplicity.

After all, this is exactly what we are passionate about: offering our guests the opportunity to have a “total” experience of our land, enjoying its beauty, tasting its flavors, always immersed in the silence and peace of nature … but as if they were at home, in the family.